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About Me

I love fruit trees, and if you're here, you probably do to. Loving fruit trees isn't always easy though, and it can be hard to see your fruit tree dreams realized without speaking their language. I am here to support you in growing and maintaining healthy, artful tree forms, that maximize fruit yields. 

The art of pruning, training, and caring for fruit trees has been a personal and professional passion of mine since 2008 when I first interned in the Alan Chadwick Garden at UC Santa Cruz as a student. I was able to watch and learn from the amazing teachers there who have refined the art and science of fruit tree care to a masterful craft. 

Fruit trees are unique, and getting them to grow into the shape you want and produce as much fruit as possible requires an in-depth understanding of the specific characteristics of fruit trees. Fruit tree care is a specialty, and people are often disappointed in their fruit tree outcomes when following advice and care from general tree experts.  

My goal is to set you up for success, whether you are looking for do-it-all service or for an educational walk-through to teach you fruit tree pruning and care skills for you to use in the future. 

---Sean Dugan

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