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Do It Yourself Support

If you're not interested in hiring help, there are some amazing and free/inexpensive resources to get you well on your way to being an excellent fruit tree steward. If you are planting new trees, or have young trees, please take the time to understand and learn how to shape your tree. Your future self and your tree will thank you. It's very hard to undo the effects of bad cuts and omission of cuts, it's far easier to invest the time now and make good cuts early. 

Image by Susan Q Yin

Book Learnin'

The best book I can recommend, and it is a fantastic book, is Fruit Trees for Every Garden by Orin Martin w/ Manjula Martin. Just get it. 

Image by Susan Q Yin

Video Learnin'

Brought to you by Orin Martin and the UCSC Center for Agroecology, this youtube channel is an amazing free resource for learning. Highly recommended to accompany the book above. 

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